Apple is going to make some people happy and some people very scared with its new Safari


Safari with adblock

Most people loves internet when it’s frictionless: with no pop-ups, no ads, no pre-roll video ads on YouTube, and other different type of advertising.
Apple, the biggest company in America, is taking sides against the companies that want you to click on their ads, watch their videos and subscribe to their newsletters. The next version of the Apple’s mobile Safari browser will support third-party adblocking extensions to grant them a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other unwanted content.
A 2014 report found a 70% increase in people browsing the Internet used ad-blocking software than the year before, and around 41% of the 18-to 29-year-olds surveyed had it installed. But on your smartphone all these ads come right at you.
Apple Safari browser has a 25% share of all mobile browsing, by some estimates. If Apple shuts off 25% of all ads on the web, then some web publishers – and the adtech companies that serve them – will be driven out of business.

And, most users won’t likely be bothered enough to take the time to add a blocker, experts say — even if the fix is as quick as a simple app download. People just sigh and click out.
“Many consumers cite concerns about privacy, ad annoyance and the like but don’t pro-actively take-steps to safegaurd themselves until there has been a ‘breach,'” Jennifer Wise, a digital marketing analyst at Forrester Research, said in an email.

By this new launch of Safari there are two key lines. The first is, “In a worst case scenario, this is Apple against the entire mobile publisher and advertiser system .” Which sounds pretty bad, admittedly.

But the second is, “It may trigger a backlash where certain sites are ‘not optimized for use with Safari’.”

People forget that if Apple makes too many enemies, then companies will start hobbling the web experience for Apple users. And as Apple always promises the best experience for every user, that threat might be real.

Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar is a web consultant having experience of more than 9 years in website development, Brand Promotion, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketer. Sandeep consults, develops, speak and write about building high quality web based solutions. He loves to interact with people and believe that communication is the key to success and helps to solve complex problems. He can be reached at

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