Do you want to save cost on IT and simultaneously increase your productivity and profitability without having to sacrifice anything? Then, Calipus’ cloud services do that for you. Calipus provide cloud development services, where we can help you build systems to allow you to conduct all your IT on Internet without compromising on safety and efficiency. Whether it is building cloud system for Intranet, cloud for e-mail services, cloud on software (Software as a Service – SaaS) or any other cloud technology, we help you build it completely customized.

Calipus has helped 27 companies/brand to install cloud systems in their organizations that has helped them increase efficiency and productivity. Calipus cloud services are available at affordable cost, moreover our cloud services will help you save cost on many other things. As we know, cloud allows you to access your IT systems on cloud anywhere, anytime and on the go. By choosing Calipus you can get an opportunity to exploit cloud technology for maximum efficiency, and long term partnership in IT.