With lower development cost and hardly any publicity, PHP has swept the Web. PHP, based on a server side scripting language is one of the best web development techniques to develop dynamic website applications. It was originally designed for website development to create dynamic web pages. What made it so popular was its behaviour with HTML. PHP is the first programming language to be embedded into an HTML source document, instead of a common external file documents.

What make PHP more eye catchy over competing technologies is its built-in features to handle heavily trafficked sites and to deal with common web programming tasks very easily. An open source technology with a massive library of prewritten code, its nature of dealing with databases (PHP supports almost all important databases like Oracle and MySQL) and comprehensive developer support & documentation makes this programming language very easy to learn and comparatively cheaper to develop web pages.

A PHP Development company offers you a dynamic outlook for online presence of your business. With the high popularity and growing market of software development in India, the demand of PHP development company has increased globally. PHP has revolutionized the web development industry as it helps a web development company or an individual to create online portals, CMS integrated websites, ERP applications and fascinating UI in integration with HTML, CSS, Javascript and other scripting languages/tools.

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