In Real Estate, IT has quite an important role to play, where it is helping to improving efficiency at all levels specially in construction management, lead management and operations. IT solutions can help real estate increase work efficiency up to 76 percent, save cost up to 65 percent and wastage up to 89 percent. However, every business in real estate is different. Therefore, customized IT solutions can only help you materialize mentioned numbers in actuality. Calipus’ customized software development, web development and cloud development services designed by our domain experts in Real Estate to help companies globally achieve their business objectives with minimum investments.

Calipus has helped 9 real estate companies to install IT systems that are enabling it to increase year on year profitability and productivity. Our IT systems are designed with inputs from real estate experts and professionals enabling our developers to develop suitable IT systems that deliver as expected and promised. Apart from our IT services, we also provide web solutions, online branding, and marketing services specialized for real estate industry.