Everything You Need To Know About Universal Travel Pass

The COVID-19 epidemic has been affecting our lives for some time. However, with effective vaccination campaigns, which include encouraging doses for adults and children, provincial governments are taking steps to remove borders in stages and encourage people to return to their normal pre-epidemic activities. This also means that you can now pursue your travel interests; just take the right steps and buy a solid travel insurance policy to cover your trip.


As part of the COVID-19 security measures, Maharashtra State Disaster Management Agency and Indian Railways have launched the Universal Travel Pass, an ePass code based on a QR code. Benefits of Universal Travel Pass include:


Making travel safer and easier allows travel between regions and the country and Eliminates the need to carry proof of strong copies of your travel documents and validation. It works to eliminate the risk of fraudulent travel passes in traffic jams or road closures and ensure easy access to medical facilities when needed.



Universal Travel Pass based on the establishment


The Universal Travel Pass is in line with the concept of ‘established’. Under this, different firms and organizations are classified as separate ‘institutions’ based on their type of business capacity and staff capacity. Each institution must apply for registration on the pass portal. The application was then reviewed and approved by the Regional Disaster Management Authority. Once approved, the institution must upload a list of employees who will need to travel regularly to keep the business running smoothly.


After the list of employees has been reviewed and approved, they are sent an automatic SMS by the portal asking them to start their individual registration process. SMS contains a registration URL and login details. Authorized staff must upload their photos and make their travel passes.


The main advantage of this program is that it reduces the burden on firms so that their employees can be authorized and tracked. A standard system that allows employees to manage their registrations helps businesses focus on their processes.




Universal Travel Pass for twice-vaccinated citizens

Citizens who have already received both the COVID-19 vaccine can make their own travel passes on their own. However, it is only available to adults. The international travel passport contains the personal information of the passport holder including his name, photo, gender, age, and dates on which he received the first and second COVID goal, beneficiary ID, and QR code.


In addition, the world contains the level of the movement phase; this may be a numerical category that indicates the suitability of the landowner to move depending on the general circumstances. This allows the government to approve standard travel restrictions and guidelines for the general public. Therefore, some people may be allowed to travel with certain requirements even within the limits. Emergency services and law enforcement personnel are given high access permits. Conversely, some people may be given travel categories depending on the type of work they do and the role they can play in an emergency.


Such writing efforts have been made possible due to advances in digital technology and the in-depth penetration of fast mobile internet access services. This will be very helpful in dealing with any future disaster or epidemic situation.


It should be borne in mind that the Universal Travel Pass is intended for use only in India. It does not equate to or replace the purchase of online or offline travel insurance. If you plan to leave India, say in the USA, you should also get USA travel insurance to pay for any medical conditions or emergencies.

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