Here’s How to Use Youtube Multi-Language Audio Feature


YouTube wants videos to reach as many people as possible, regardless of the language they speak. In a blog post on Thursday, the video site said it is expanding the ability for creators to add multilingual audio to videos, meaning people will have the option To watch a lot of dubbed videos in their primary language.

“Whether it’s chess tutorials, a historical documentary on Rome, or a ghost-hunting series set in Italy, we can’t wait to see our producers continue to incorporate this feature into their content. and our viewers discover videos from Are.” International channel,” YouTube said in the post.

If you are curious about how you can use this feature to watch videos in your primary language, we will discuss how you can do so below.

YouTube has been testing the feature for the past year with a small group of creators, including Mr. Beast. In testing, multilingual dubbed videos saw 15% more watch time than views in the video’s non-primary language, YouTube said. In January alone, people watched an average of over 2 million hours of dubbed videos per day.

To try out the feature, creators can add separate audio tracks through YouTube’s subtitle editor tool when uploading a video. Manufacturers can also update existing content in their catalog through this tool.

Viewers can click on the video’s settings in the bottom right and then click on Audio Tracks, which opens other audio tracks in different languages, “We want this to be a seamless experience,” YouTube said in the post, “so the content will also default to match the viewer’s preferred language and users will be able to discover multilingual content courtesy Translated video title and description will be.”

The company said YouTube’s multi-language audio feature enables creators to dub videos in different languages, which allows them to reach a wider audience and expand their reach around the world.

In initial tests, YouTube watched more than 3,500 multilingual videos uploaded in more than 40 languages, and creators testing multilingual dubbed videos saw 15 times the video’s non-primary language watch time. Seen over %.

Mrbeast’s Testimony

With over 135 million subscribers worldwide, MrBeast has already dubbed his most popular videos in 11 languages and aims to bring in a more international audience to his main channel. In a video interview, he said, “It’s easy for people in Mexico or India to understand because all the dubs are in one place and on one video.” 

Benefits for Creators

The multi-language audio feature allows producers to provide dubbed versions of their videos so that viewers can choose the language they prefer. With this feature, it is much easier for creators to reach a wider audience as compared to creating a language-based YouTube channel. YouTube reported that creators using their feature experienced a 15% increase in watch time from non-primary language viewers.

How to Access Youtube Multi-Audio Tracks?


Eligible creators can add individual audio tracks to their videos and catalog using YouTube’s caption editor tool. To watch the video in another language, simply click on the setting and view the available audio tracks.

Content with multiple language tracks will default to the audience’s preferred language. In addition, users can search multilingual content based on translated video titles and descriptions.


YouTube is rolling out its language audio tools to thousands of creators, though the exact number hasn’t been specified. The tool will give creators with a single language list the ability to upload multiple audio translations.

What Is the Multi-Audio Track Feature of Youtube?

Using YouTube’s multi-audio track functionality, creators can offer multiple audio track options for the same video, allowing viewers to access the same information in other languages. Up to this point, YouTube only allowed subtitles of multiple languages inside a single video.

AI-dubbed videos had to be hosted on separate foreign-language channels if creators wanted to reach YouTube’s large international audience. Creators will soon be able to add multiple tracks of audio in different languages to a single video.

They will be able to draw in a global audience and boost engagement by employing AI dubbing to create audio files for several languages. For some health-related videos, users can choose between English, Hindi, Marathi, and Punjabi thanks to a functionality that is now being tested in India.

While artists might use the function to add audio-described tracks for blind and low-vision users, YouTube also believes that the service would boost accessibility. Without the need for separate foreign-language channels, the multi-audio tracks capability will allow artists to provide audio alternatives in a variety of languages. It’s a strategy that several streaming services, like Netflix, have already adopted.

What Do Multiple Audio Tracks Mean for My Channel?


Video owners will be able to post additional audio files for the same video using YouTube’s multi-audio track capability. It’s especially helpful for video distributors and owners who wish to attract more foreign viewers to their main channel or who have audiences in several different geographic areas.

Several audio tracks will promote audience participation, increase channel views, and increase advertising revenue. Without the burden of developing brand-new user bases and foreign-language channels from the beginning. The demand for content that can be accessed in the viewer’s native tongue is growing, therefore subtitles alone are no longer sufficient. The several audio tracks on YouTube will draw in new users who will only listen to the audio content in their own language.

For instance, the capability is already being utilized by authors in India to broaden their audience to non-English speakers. Although YouTube’s multi-audio tracks function is intriguing, you should be aware that it won’t automatically produce audio in another language for you. Once you have access to the new capability, you will have to find the audio tracks for your films on your own in each language. You can quickly and efficiently localize your films for a variety of new languages at scale using an AI dubbing solution like Papercup.

How Can I Access Youtube’s Multi-Audio Track Feature?

There won’t be a significant launch. Rather, YouTube is progressively making its multi-audio track capability available to creators all across the world. Users have been noticing videos with multiple audio track options spreading across the platform over the past year, and a number of prominent content producers already have the functionality.

At the moment, the only way to determine whether a video includes multiple audio tracks is to examine the video settings. The feature is being used in videos that have the “Audio Track” option, which enables viewers to choose a different language for the clip.

Last year, the platform conducted tests of the functionality in the US and India, and renowned US channels like Mr. Beast have had access for some time. You just need to wait if you want to use the multi-audio track feature because YouTube confirmed that it will broaden deployment this year. To fully benefit when the time comes, you’ll need multi-audio tracks that are prepared for upload. In order to quickly localize videos on a large scale and be prepared to reach a worldwide audience, you can use Papercup’s AI dubbing.

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