Zuckerberg Introduces Llama, Meta’s Answer to ChatGPT

ChatGPT Today we’re releasing a new state-of-the-art AI Large Language Model called LLaMA, built to help researchers advance their work,” Zuckerberg wrote on his social media platforms. The LLM has demonstrated great promise in producing language, engaging in discussions, summarising written material, and more challenging tasks including determining protein structures or resolving mathematical theorems. ChatGPT…

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Payment Gateway

What Is Payment Gateway? Definition, How It Works, and Examples

A payment gateway is a technological tool used by retailers to accept debit or credit card payments from customers. The term includes not only physical card-reading devices found in brick-and-mortar retail stores but payment processing portals found in online stores as well. However, brick-and-mortar payment gateways have in recent years started accepting phone-based payments using…

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Machine Learning

Why Machine Learning Important And How It Can Be Done

Artificial intelligence can be thought of as a subset of machine learning, which is teaching the computer to perform tasks more intelligently. Machine learning focuses on accelerating machine learning, whereas artificial intelligence (AI) technology focuses on adding human intelligence. So, we can conclude that engineers working on machine learning can improve AI systems more quickly….

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