Things to do in PAWNA LAKE


Pawna lake can be described as a stunning camping spot located 20km from Lonavala. The lake and the surrounding make it a perfect spot to visit with your family or friends to unwind. Pawna Lake Camp is situated near Thakursai village. There are numerous spots that have old forts and mountains with breathtaking views. It is a perfect place to take in the sunset and the color tint across the sky. Nature and the cold breezes fill your soul with peace and freshness. It’s a beautiful spot to shoot photos.



Pawna lake is just 65km from Pune city. Tourists can travel via roads and follow the Kamshet route to get to the lake. By train, departing from Pune train station you can take an express train that will take you to Kamshet. To get to Kamshet station, you can take an auto or a jeep towards Pawna Lake; the campsite is just 22 km away from where the station is. Trains run every 45 minutes in the direction of the station. This station can be accessed without difficulty. If you are coming from Mumbai, Pawna is 118 km away. It takes about three hours on the highway to reach the place.



The summer months are when the average temperature is 40 degrees during the daylight. The weather is comfortable when the temperature drops to 30 sustainably warm degrees. The scene of sunsets with the cool breeze that flows through the lake’s camping area is what makes it a very popular spot. In winter the region is cool and dry which makes it perfect to camp in. The stunning views are worth taking pictures of and hiking is a great way to explore the surrounding regions.


Things to Do:

Pawna Lake Camp is the ideal combination of lakes and mountains for camping and escaping the bustle of life. This is a great place for those who appreciate nature and would like to be in close proximity to nature. On the gorgeous camping site, guests can take part in exciting activities like paragliding, horseback riding, kayaking, boating, and fishing. There’s something to do for everyone, such as archery, dart games, cricket, football, volleyball, carom, badminton and more.

Nearby, you can find trekking sites such as Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort. There are a variety of adventurous activities to play at the camp. The atmosphere is relaxing for spending time with your family and friends. On the camping site, guests can relish a variety of local meals and enjoy an enjoyable family time.


Lohagad FortĀ 

Lohagad Fort is among the forts that date back to Maharashtra. It’s 2.4km away from Pawna Lake and 3400ft in altitude. It is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes that are seen from the summit. It is a day-long trekking region and is home to approximately 300 stairs. It is a worthwhile area.


Kamshet ParaglidingĀ 

Kamshet Paragliding is a renowned paragliding place in India. It is situated 9km from Pawna Lake. It’s an exciting method to discover the Sahyadri ranges that are full of breathtaking views. They have experts in teaching and aiding while gliding through the air.

Della the adventure playground is a fantastic place to experience more than 50 thrilling activities within the park. It’s located 15km from Pawna Lake. It is home to a 100ft swing. The swing is exciting. One of the highest-flying foxes can fly 1250 feet. It is also the longest flying fox in India. There are many thrilling sports to choose from such as Motocross dirt, biking buggy riding paintball, Rappelling, etc. There are other choices for children, such as online games and dancing, foosball, and chess.


Bhaja caves

Karla as well as Bhaja caves located in Khandala have situated 11km from Pawna Lake. The caves are a testament to the amazing artwork of Buddhism and also a stunning waterfall that flows near the caves to draw visitors. The caves bear witness to the rock-cut structure of the Hinayana period of Buddhism.


Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort is 7km away from Pawna Lake and its peak is located near the Pavana river in Lonavala. It’s situated at an altitude of 3633 feet and offers stunning scenery and views of the Sahyadri hills within the fort. It’s an easy one-day hike. When you reach the summit, hikers can take in the stunning panorama of the surrounding nature.


Visapur Fort

Visapur Fort in Mahavali is just 4km from Pawna Lake. It’s located at an altitude of 3556ft. It requires three hours to get to the fort following a hike. The fort is adorned with architectural drawings that date back to the Peshwa period. It is recommended to explore in the monsoon months. It’s a fascinating place to explore during a trek.



Camping on lakes is among the most effective ways to relax stress from your busy schedule. There are many locations with stunning views that are refreshing. The sunrise and sunset points can be observed and lost in the beauty that the skies offer. The campsite’s arrangement can provide visitors with a relaxing time to be with families, friends, and partners.

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