Ananya Panday's Soft Wavy Short HairstylesInstagram/@ananyapanday

Ananya Panday keeps it chic with her soft wavy hairstyle and they're more versatile than you thinkInstagram/@ananyapanday

Ananya Panday could be anywhere in the world but her hairstylist knows what's upInstagram/@ananyapanday

Soft, short and wavy - that's exactly how Ananya Panday likes her hairstylesInstagram/@ananyapanday

From red carpet events to movie promotions, her hairstyle game is simple but strongInstagram/@ananyapanday

You know her short and wavy hairstyles are versatile when they don't just look good with mini dresses...Instagram/@ananyapanday

But also with ethereal ethnic outfits for the winInstagram/@ananyapanday

With or without filters, her hairstyle doesn't budge from its place Instagram/@ananyapanday

Ananya Panday's chic short hairstyles need no excuse - just a time and placeInstagram/@ananyapanday

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